The Worst Songs?

Arguments may rage long and hard about the worst Eurovision Song Contest entries ever. This section includes the results of polls taken on the  Eurovision fan site, (for the 70s, 80s and 90s), the 2000s decade vote took place on this site.  Many thanks to everyone who contributed votes. The “winning” artists pictures head each table, click on the image to watch and listen to their delights (where available). 

Worst Of The 00s

1 Leto Svet by Kreisiradio (EST 08) 17%

2 Cry Baby by Jemini (UK 03) 15%

3 We Are The Winners by LT United (LIT 06) 10%

Worst Of The 90s

1 Esmer Yarim by Burak Aydos (TUR 93)  107 pts

2 Dieser Traum Darf Niemals Sterben by Atlantis 2000 (GER 91)  105 pts

3 Baunilha E Chocolat by To Cruz (POR 95) 100 pts

Worst Of The 80s

1 Kloun by Afrodite Fryda (GRE 88)  123 pts

2 Lisa Mona Lisa by Wilfried (AUT 88)  97 pts

3 Opera by Cetin Alp & The Short Waves (TUR 83) 97 pts

Worst Of The 70s

1 Sing Sang Song by The Les Humphrey Singers (GER 76)  82 pts

2 Heute In Jerusalem by Christina Simon (AUT 79) 79 pts

3 Marija L’Maltija by Joe Grech (MAL 71)  76 pts