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We'll Live It All Again We Are The Winners Celebrate!
08/07/15 Summer Night City To Stage 2016 Contest

Today the EBU and champ broadcaster SVT revealed that the sixty-first Eurovision Song Contest will be staged in Stockholm at the Globe Arena.  This venue also hosted the 2000 contest. Stockholm now joins Dublin, London and Luxembourg City in hosting three or more contests.  


23/05/15 Sweden Claim Sixth Grand Prix

Bookies favourite Mans Zelmerlow has won the sixtieth Eurovision Song Contest by a sizeable margin with his song "Heroes". This gives the Swedes their second triumph in four contests and sixth overall, placing them above France, Luxembourg and the UK and just one Grand Prix behind Ireland. The post contest EBU voting breakdown announcement revealed that Sweden were overwhelming winners with the juries but Italy won the public televote.

At the other end of the scoreboard the contest produced the first Nul Pointers for twelve years and the first since the semi-final system was inaugurated.  Both Germany and contest hosts Austria suffered this ignominy. 


18/05/15 Here We Go For The Sixtieth Grand Prix!

After a tumultuous pre-season, be it PKN, Il Volo, Australia, Andreas Kummert or anything else, time to celebrate the sixtieth contest. Whoever you're supporting I hope you enjoy the week!.


16/03/15 A Full Set! It's Eurovision Deadline Day

After a tumultuous pre-season that has seen Eurovision break into the news headlines on several occasions on an unprecedented scale,  the Heads Of Delegation meeting in Vienna today signals the end of the selection season. All forty entrants formally submit their entries and the EBU make the one "draw" draw that remains nowadays, the place of the home country in the final, and hosts Austria have drawn the exact halfway spot in #14 of 27.  The one country that has yet to reveal their entry to the public is Montenegro but the other thirty-nine steps to Wien are widely available online  Those headlines included:

  • Australia's invite as a guest
  • Finland selecting a band with learning difficulties presenting the shortest song in contest history
  • The German winner declining the trip to Vienna on live TV in his moment of triumph



10/02/15 Struth Sheila!  Here Come The Aussies

As the world and their partners now know, Australia will now actively participate in the 2015 contest, as the seventh direct finalist.  More when we've got our heads around it all cobber.


22/12/14 RIP Udo Jürgens

Just days after Austrian TV unveiled its presenters as part of the build-up to the sixtieth contest in celebratory mood, much sadder news from Vienna as the death of Udo Jürgens was announced. Many young fans of twenty-first century ESC may say "who", but this man has an indelible place in Eurovision history.         

Udo represented Austria three times in a row. His first entry "Warum Nur Warum" could only manage sixth in 1964 but was covered by that years UK entry Matt Monro in English as "Walk Away" and resulted in a top five British single. It was also recorded by American singer Brenda Lee.  A year later, "Sag ihr, ich lass sie grüßen" was fourth in Naples behind France Gall.

In 1966 Udo finally took the Grand Prix with the lovely "Merci Cherie".  His winning song scored almost twice as many points as the Swedish runner-up.  The fact that this was thirty-one points versus sixteen may be greeted with amazement by some modern fans used to seeing hundreds of points rack up on the scoreboard.

Udo Jürgens 1966 victory also in many ways marked the end of Eurovision's first, mostly ballad driven era, with a mix of male and female soloists (and a Danish duo) claiming the Grand Prix.  After his triumph we went into bouncy land and it would be fourteen long years before Johnny Logan restored the male solo singers honour.

RIP Udo Jürgens.    


19/12/14 Here Come The Girls: 2015 Presenters Announced

Today the 2015 host broadcaster ORF unveiled the presenters of the sixtieth Eurovision Song Contest. After 2013 broke the (recent) mould by returning to a single host and 2014 saw for the first time a two-man-one-woman combo,  2015 will see another innovation with an all female trio for the first time, composed of Arabella Kiesbauer, Alice Tumler and Mirjam Weichselbraun.  They will be supplemented by 2014 champ Conchita Wurst in the "green room" backstage.  


07/10/14 Another Internal Selection For The UK

Yesterday the BBC outlined it's intentions for the 2015 contest by way of a blog entry by "Executive Producer" Guy Freeman,and for the seventh year in succession the UK song will be chosen internally.  It will also be the fifth year in a row when the UK public and licence-payers have no say in the performer either, so you wonder what there is to "executively produce" exactly. Following the 2014 debacle the only new slant is that Joe Public IS being allowed to submit a song for consideration to the great and the good. 

Our Neil is so cross he's refusing to leave his bedroom and we've had to confiscate his pen.   


02/10/14 Lynsey De Paul Passes Away

Desperately sad to hear about the sudden death of Lynsey De Paul,  known to Eurovision fans for "Rock Bottom", the UK entry that was runner-up to Marie Myriam in the rather bonkers 1977 contest at Wembley Conference Centre.  Lynsey performed the song with Mike Moran and the performance was also enhanced by the late Ronnie Hazlehurst dressed as a city gent and conducting with a brolly. 

"Rock Bottom" in many ways marked the end of an era. It was the twentieth UK Eurovision song and maintained the UK's amazing record at that point.  Only two of the twenty had failed to finish in the top four.  The next couple of years saw the UK start to drift down the scoreboard and the rest is history.  RIP Lynsey de Paul. 


19/08/14 Ukraine Pull Out Of the 2015 Contest

A spokesman for Ukrainian TV station NTU announced today that the country, one of the most successful over the last decade of Eurovision, will miss the 2015 contest in Vienna. The TV station has accepted that given current events in the troubled country there are insufficient funds to support sending an entry to Vienna.

Whilst all of this is utterly understandable, such a shame that a country that has been such a big hitter in Eurovision's sixth decade will miss the historic sixtieth contest.  Such has been Ukraine's strike rate since their 2003 debut that they sit in second place in our all-time Eurovision country rankings.     


06/08/14 With Wurst And Wieners, It's Vienna Calling

After a bidding period for the hosting of the sixtieth Eurovision that included Vienna, Innsbruck and Graz, the European Broadcasting Union and host broadcasters ORF (did we ever think we'd see that sentence a few years ago?) have as expected plumped for the capital to stage the 2015 contest at the Wiener Stadthalle.  Much more as we launch our 2015 page soon, but it's looking like a great year for sausage already!.   


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