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NP All Time Chart

Comparing results over the half-century of Eurovision is no exact science as scoring systems in the first two decades differed from todays. This table shows the songs ranked by how many maximum points they scored as a percentage of those available, i.e. how many other countries ranked them top on the night. Where there is a tie the song that competed in the widest field is placed higher. If songs are still tied then (provided the same scoring system was used) the absolute scores are used to split them. A few points to note:

  • In years where ten votes were allocated by each jury there was of course no obvious favourite but if say two countries got four votes each then we've credited them with 0.5 of a maximum.  
  • Few songs since 2004 have made the list due to the large numbers of countries voting so the ones that do really have achieved something!. 
  • In many contests the winner has not achieved the most maximum points of the evening, and while high-achieving non winners were originally in our list it makes sense to remove them from this ranking. 
  • In 1969 there was a four-way tie so each of those will be disadvantaged in this list. 
  • Some of the biggest names to win Eurovision don't fare too well! 


1 Non Ho L'Eta Many of the earliest Italian Eurovision songs fell flat at the contest but went on to be worldwide hits (none more so than "Volare" of course) but it was not until the ninth contest that Italy could claim both a huge pop hit AND victory. Gigliola's song, translated as "I'm Not Old Enough To Love You" gained the top mark of no less than eight of the other fifteen nations. Unfortunately there is no footage of the event as Danish TV mislaid the only videotape!. Ms Cinquetti went on to finish a close second behind Abba ten years later in Brighton and then co-compered the chaotic 1991 contest in Rome where she reprised this song at the start of the event.  
Gigliola Cinquetti
Italy 1964
53.3% top marks
2 Ein Bisschen Frieden 3 Tom Pillibi 4 La Det Swinge
Nicole Jacqueline Boyer Bobbysocks
Germany 1982 France 1960 Norway 1985
52.9% top marks 45.8% top marks 44.4% top marks
Nicole's song was composed by longtime German composing team Siegel and Mienunger and her song was perfectly pitched for the cold war paranoia of the early 80s. After her victory Nicole's reprise was a very calculated mix of German, French, English and Dutch.     Jacqueline's parents were both in the French music business and she swept to victory in the first contest held in Britain, also achieving the first UK chart position by a Eurovision winner. She went on enjoy a long music career in both her native France and Germany.   Norway's infamous run of failures came to an end in 1985. Both girls had sung at ESC before (Hanne for Norway and Bettan for Sweden) and their kitsch anthem scored a popular win. Composer Rolf Lovland wrote Norway's second winner a decade later.  
5 Net Als Toen 6 Euphoria 7 Love Shine A Light
Corry Brokken Loreen Katrina & The Waves
Netherlands 1957 Sweden 2012 UK 1997
44.4% top marks 43.9% top marks 41.7% top marks
Corry gave Netherlands its first of four wins with a song over four minutes long (well beyond the current three minute limit) in the first contest to be televised. She returned a year later to finish equal last, but went on to host the contest in The Hague in 1976.  Sweden's fifth victory was achieved by Lorine Talhaoui, born in Sweden of Moroccan ancestry. In the Baku contest she started as hot favourite and gained no less than eighteen maximum points, a sensational achievement in an era of forty plus countries voting.       Katrina and her Waves of course had a massive 80s hit with "Walking On Sunshine" and after their hits dried up they submitted this song (written by original Waver Kimberley Rew) to the Samaritans, and then of course to the BBC, it went on to sweep ESC glory for the UK.  
8 Save Your Kisses For Me 9 Everybody 10 Een Beetje
Brotherhood Of Man Tanel Padar & Dave Benton Teddy Scholten
UK 1976 Estonia 2001 Netherlands 1959
41.2% top marks 40.9% top marks 40.0% top marks
1976 saw the first time in thirteen years that the BBC didn't invite one artist to sing all the potential Eurosongs, so we had a final at the Albert Hall. BOM won only narrowly but swept Eurovision and are still together in the same line up over thirty years later.      The old Eastern countries were first admitted into the contest in 1993 and Estonia quickly acquired decent results, though they were rank outsiders in 2001, yet swept to victory with this feel good number. Dave from Aruba is the only black singer so far to win.  A Dutch light entertainment star of the fifties and sixties, Teddy provided Eurovision with its first bouncy winner, so she may have a lot to answer for. The sentiment of the song is that Teddy loves you "a little". She went on to host a Dutch version of Candid Camera.


Rank Song Artist Nation Year % Top Marks
11   Fairytale   Alexander Rybak   NOR   2009   39.0
12   What's Another Year   Johnny Logan   IRE   1980   38.9
13 Hold Me Now Johnny Logan IRE 1987 38.1
14 Puppet On A String Sandie Shaw UK 1967 37.5
=15 Un Banc Un Arbre Une Rue Severine MON 1971 37.2
=15 Apres Toi Vicky Leandros LUX 1972 37.2
17 Nous Les Amoureux Jean-Claude Pascal LUX 1961 36.7
18   Rise Like A Pheonix   Conchita Wurst   AUT   2014   36.1
19   Fly On The Wings Of Love   Olsen Brothers   DEN   2000   34.8
20 Rock And Roll Kids Paul Harrington & Charlie McGettigan IRE 1994 33.3
21 Hallelujah Milk And Honey ISR 1979 33.3
22   Ding Dinge Dong   Teach In   NET   1975   33.3
=23 Un Premier Amour Isabelle Aubret FRA 1962 33.3
=23 Dansevise Grethe & Jorgen Ingmann DEN 1963 33.3
25   Dors Mon Amour   Andre Claveau   FRA   1958   33.3
26   The Voice   Eimarr Quinn   IRE   1996   31.8
27   All Kinds Of Everything   Dana   IRE   1970   31.8
28 A-Ba-Ni-Bi Itzar Cohen & Alphabeta ISR 1978 31.6
29   Si La Vie Est Cadeau   Corinne Hermes   LUX   1983   31.6
30   Heroes   Mans Zelmerlow   SWE   2015   30.8
31   In Your Eyes   Niamh Kavanagh   IRE   1993   29.2
32   Diggi-Loo Diggi-Ley   Herreys   SWE   1984   27.8
33   Nocturne   Secret Garden   NOR   1995   27.2
34   J'aime La Vie   Sandra Kim   BEL   1986   26.3
35   My Number One   Elena Paparizou   GRE   2005   25.6
36   Tu Te Reconnaitras   Anne-Marie David   LUX   1973   23.9
37   Satellite   Lena   GER   2010   23.7
38   Poupee De Cire, Poupee De Son   France Gall   LUX   1965   23.5
39   Merci Cherie   Udo Jurgens   AUT   1966   23.5
40   Wild Dances   Ruslana   UKR   2004   22.8
41   Hard Rock Hallelujah   Lordi   FIN   2006   22.2
42   Take Me To Your Heaven   Charlotte Nilsson   SWE   1999   22.7
43   Molitva   Marija Serifovic   SER   2007   21.9
44   La La La   Massiel   SPA   1968   21.8
45   Only Teardrops   Emmelie de Forest   DEN   2013   21.1
46   I Wanna   Marie N   LAT   2002   20.8
47   Fangad Av En Stormvind   Carola   SWE   1991   19.0
48   Rock Me   Riva   YUG   1989   19.0
49   Waterloo   Abba   SWE   1974   18.2
50   L'Oiseau Et L'Enfant   Marie Myriam   FRA   1977   17.6
51   Believe   Dima Bilan   RUS   2008   16.7
52   Un Jour Un Enfant    Frida Boccara   FRA   1969   16.7
53   Vivo Cantando   Salome   SPA   1969   16.7
54   Every Way That I Can   Sertab Erener   TUR   2003   16.0
55   Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi   Celine Dion   SWZ   1988   15.0
56   Insieme 1992   Toto Cotugno   ITA   1990   14.2
57   Why Me   Linda Martin   IRE   1992   13.6
58   De Troubadour   Lenny Kuhr   NED   1969   13.3
59   Boom Bang-A-Bang   Lulu   UK   1969   13.3
60   Diva   Dana International   ISR   1998   12.5
61   Making Your Mind Up   Bucks Fizz   UK   1981   10.5
62   Running Scared   Ell & Nikki   AZE   2011   7.1

               Unranked:  Refrain, by Lys Assia, the 1956 winner (SWZ) , as no scores are available.